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WebPageOz may be contacted by any of the following:-

  • Email: 


  • Mail: WebPageOz
            PO Box 434
            Park Holme
            South Australia 5043


About WebPageOz

WebPageOz is part of the Kestar Enterprises group.

Kestar Enterprises was established in South Australia in 1978 as a registered business, working in the fields of Electronics, Computers, Websites, Software, CD Clocks, Colloidal Silver Generators and Colloidal Silver Books.

The Website construction used to be done under the name of Eric Rodda-Software.
Eric Rodda-Software will be concentrating on software and leaving the websites to WebPageOz.

WebPageOz is a newly created domain for the sole purpose of website construction.

Any payments made through PayPal to WebPageOz will have Kestar Enterprises as the business name.


Other Kestar sites:

www.kestar.com.au  Kestar main site.
  Colloidal Silver Information and Books.
www.colloidalsilvergenerator.com.au   Colloidal Silver Generators.
www.ers.kestar.com.au   Eric Rodda-Software.