Quick Scripts List.

Quick Copy and Paste Scripts.

Microsoft Smart Tags

Automatic Print Script

No Right Click

Bookmark Page

Make Your Page Users Start Page

No Frills Popup

Close Window With A Button

Close Window With A Link

Updating Copyright Notice

Date Last Modified.

Back to Top of Page link

Add the current date to your page.

Document Last Modified (a more readable version)

Break Out Of Frames

Highlight the Background of Text

Add a Title Attribute to Text Links


Add an internet search box to your site.

Window Maximiser

Keep Window In Focus

Allow Users To Save Your Page To Their Hard Drive

Show users where on your site they currently located.

Default Statusbar Message.

Text Area Background

A Colorful Teletype Message.

Background Fireworks.

Cross Browser Background Sound

Simple Image Change For Time Of Day

WWW Jump Box

Translate Your Site

Jazzing Up Forms

Frame Navigation